Garden Parties

If you’re planning on hosting a party or celebration, our tipis will provide an amazing and exciting venue and will really bring your party to life. 

Creating memories that last forever

This is where the experience within our team comes into play.  We start by putting ourselves in your shoes and think what we would put together for an event that we were hosting.  We let our minds get carried away and come up with a range of exciting and bespoke options which are thoroughly planned and perfectly executed.

Other times you will be looking for us to create the best possible tipi event with a certain budget in mind.  The key for us is to think outside the box and put together a package which offers great value and flexibility.  Our team will once again put themselves in your shoes and use our experience to come up with the best event possible for your budget.  With our experience we know that even if you’re working to a tight budget we can always help to make your event amazing.

Lets work out the details